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When I started this blog, My New Years Resolution for 2007 was to stick to a budget and become virtually debt free in two years. It was a loftly goal as we were heavily in debt and flat broke, but we did indeed become debt free by 2009. Starting in 2009 we started to build up an emergency fund and pay cash for some upgrades around the house. In 2010 our goal was to save for home repairs. In 2011 and 2012 made some of the repairs and still added to our emergency fund. In 2013 we have remodeled even more and started taken several well deserved vacations on the cheap. In 2014 I hope to continue saving for our emergency fund and take even more great budget vacations.

I am finding a lot of information on how to save money and meet our goals and I enjoy sharing the tips I learn and have put into practice. I look forward to this year and hope you come back and visit and offer your own tips. I can use all the help I can get in keeping my family on budget.

My daughters are now independent. I hope to help them fit budgeting and frugality into their new busy lifestyles. Often I will be talking directly to them in my posts, but hopefully they will help you too.

We are a typical American family with mom, dad and two active and lovely daughters. My retired mom also lives with us and rounds our family. Of course I should not forget mom’s long time “gentleman friend” who is a fixture in our home on weekends. We are just one big happy family.

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