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Are you prepared for a zombie attack?

My blog goal for 2010

I started Family On A Budget a few years ago while going through a tough time financially. In the past few years my life has changed considerably.

First off when I started this blog I was a work at home business owner of a web design and hosting company. I needed to learn the workings and potential of blogs for my customers. I loved my company, but was at a crossroads in my life. We needed extra income to dig ourselves out of debt due to bad planning and bad luck on our part. I needed to either expand my business and take on more clients and employees or go back to work for someone else. After much soul searching I decided to search for a job. I was very fortunate because I landed the second job I interviewed for. (In an odd coincidence the person I replaced actually received the first job I interviewed for at a different institution, thus clearing his job for me).

This new job brought a nice boost in income, great benefits and free college tuition for me and my daughters. I decided to keep a limited number of previous clients and have also kept my company some what intact.

Shipping deadlines for last minute gifts

Here are some of the shipping deadlines for those last minute gifts.

1-800 Contacts
Dec 11 – Standard
Dec 17 – Expedited
Dec 21 – Fastest

Dec 14 by carrier – Standard
Dec 21 by carrier – Expedited
Dec 22 by carrier – Fastest
Dec 24 1:30pm local (by florist)

Last day for USPS (free/budget): 12/17
Last day for Ground Shipping: 12/17
Last day for 2nd Day Air: 12/22
Last day for Next Day Air: 12/23

AC Lens
Last day for USPS (free/budget): 12/14
Last day for 2nd Day Air: 12/22
Last day for Next Day Air: 12/23

Last day for Ground 3-5 Day: 12/16
Last day for 2nd Day Air: 12/22
Last day for Next Day Air: 12/23

Dec 20 – Standard
Dec 21 – Expedited
Dec 23 3pm PT – Fastest

Auto Parts Warehouse
Last day for Ground 3-5 Day: 12/17
Last day for 2nd Day Air: 12/22
Last day for Next Day Air: 12/23

Barnes and Noble
Standard – Dec 11
Expedited – Dec 18
Fastest – Dec 21
Last day for Free/Budget (3-8 business days): 12/17
Last day for Priority (2-3 days): 12/21
Last day for Express (1-2 business days): 12/22

Cars and the “Cash for Clunkers” Program

I just wanted to voice something that is bothering me. I think the Cash for Clunkers program that is rewarding people up to $4500 to turn in their older, running cars for a new model is a bad idea.

Currently we have two cars and one of them is definitely approaching clunker proportions. It is a 10 year old Saturn with a billion miles on it. It rattles and much of the plastic parts are dying a slow death. I will be so glad to replace it. Our other vehicle is a 7 year old minivan with a lot of miles, but still in relatively good shape. We have no car payments on either car and only have to deal with repairs (which are starting to add up).

I have been saving money each month so that when one of the above bites the bullet, I will be prepared to pay cash for another car or truck. The longer these vehicles last the more car I will be able to replace it with. We are following a modified idea of Dave Ramsey’s Drive Free plan. Having purchased new cars in the past and being broke while trying to maintain two car payments, I have learned our lesson big time. No new cars for us.

Go Pens!!!!!!!!!!!!

Need I Say More?

Need I Say More?


Sorry just had to gloat for a few minutes. Our team is going all the way. Time to look up some inexpensive snacks for our Superbowl Party since going to Game is out of the question.

Where have all the people gone? – Press 1 if you — UGHHH

This is not a budget tip, but a helpful one none the less. I hate press 1 if you are …. press 2 for english and so on. This site contains a list of the best ways to reach a real live human.

Get a Human

Now if there was a way to insure that the person you reach can actually speak ENGLISH and life would be good.

Let me know if this was helpful for you.